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Active Crime Intelligence System (ACIS)

ACIS was established in 2001 to provide a solution to the ethical and proportionate recording, development and sharing of business crime and intelligence. ACIS2 is cloud-based with an easy to use mobile app available for all scheme members to record crimes at their premises, receive feedback and intelligence published by the data controller.

ACIS2 is fully compliant with all current data security requirements (ISO 27001, Data Protection Act etc) and because of its unique design, relieves the System Operator of much of the effort associated with this legislation. ACIS2is built around the concept of schemes and scheme groups, meaning that the sharing of information is always proportionate and relevant for those receiving it. It also allows large or county schemes to manage their shared data through a single database, improving the sharing of local cross-border information and reducing the cost of managing separate databases, such as for night-time and retail economies.

In conjunction with our partners we are now able to provide a single device solution for push-to-talk that integrates the benefits of radio style communications with the ACIS2 Mobile App meaning businesses can, if required, provide a dedicated device for their staff preventing the need for them to use their personal devices for work purposes. Alternatively, any user can make use of the voice and data communications via their own mobile device, thus providing an end-to-end solution. There is even the capability for scheme members to operate their own , private, In Store Communications System whilst still monitoring the Scheme Radio Network.

For more information please contact Gary Herrington at: or Tel: 07980 639578