National Association of Business Crime Partnerships


Issue 2 - September 2018

Welcome to the September edition of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships Newsletter.

     NABCP Aims and Objectives

Following extensive consultation, NABCP has decided its priorities for 2018/19.

Our priorities must mirror the NPCC priorities on Vulnerability.

NABCP will work closely with the NBCC and deliver its objectives through our membership schemes. Take a look at the NBCC website, in particular the WAVE training package that is excellent and can be delivered by your BCRP as an example.

Consultation has also taken place with Regional Chairs on the role of a regional group.

NABCP is not at this time an intelligence sharing organisation.  It is intended to be a body to represent the interests of its members, NABCP members – at national level and to raise standards by being an accrediting body and to be the voice of BCRPs which form it and are investing in it.   

Intelligence sharing will take place locally between BCRP’s, decisions being made by the BCRP Manager/Data Controller as to whether the sharing is necessary and proportionate, and which legal gateway is being used.

If a regional group made up of “any organisation” decides to share intelligence as a group, then that is not the responsibility of NABCP and therefore NABCP should not be providing the “rules” around that.  It is the responsibility of that group to ensure it is sharing appropriately, with appropriate organisations, that it is proportionate, timely and relevant and that all steps have been taken to ensure compliance.  If NABCP provides the vehicle for this then it becomes responsible for something it cannot police. 

Where a region meets to share intelligence as Data Controllers in common then no separate ICO registration is necessary however if the region processes that data on behalf of members then they must register with the ICO.

NABCP Regional Chairs are precisely that and are representing the NABCP members in their region only and therefore act as the SPOC to consult, discuss, and feed back into the NABCP director’s group thereby allowing us to reach a decision on behalf of the membership, and ensuring that representation at national level. 

If in the future, we decide to become an intelligence sharing partnership as NABCP, then we can produce whatever is necessary.  At this time, it would be impossible for NABCP to police an intelligence sharing organisation particularly involving “non NABCP members forming part of national groups”.  

We have fought hard to ensure this is a member’s organisation so that NABCP members are involved in the decisions and there has to be a responsibility of the regional chair to ensure this happens, so we will produce a guidance document as to what is expected of a regional chair.

      NABCP Website

 Our new website is now live at:

My thanks to Brighton Business Crime Partnership and in particular Kylie Wroe for her hard work in designing the new website. I hope you like what you see and please provide any feedback to us for improvement.

 Please send any articles promoting your BCRP work direct to Kylie at:

      National Accreditation

We’re almost there.

After a great deal of hard work NABCP is almost ready to become an Accrediting Body approved by Secured by Design in conjunction with the National Business Crime Centre. We have submitted our business case that has been approved in principle and we now await a Memorandum of Understanding from SBD. Once received this will be shared with Regional Chairs for approval.

This accreditation is included in your NABCP Membership fee and needs to be completed every 2 years.

NABCP has selected 14 assessors throughout the UK to perform the accreditations and also designed a course to train them to the required level of knowledge.

 If you are interested in being an assessor, please get in touch.

Registered Assessors so far:

Lisa Perrettta, Julie Davies, David Wilson, Robert Bevan, Sarah Bird, Steve Hunt, Adam Ratcliffe, John Whatling, Karen Methven, Chris Caesar, Steve Lang, Andrew Sharman, Sophie Jordan, Steve Booth

 The process:

When you are ready for accreditation contact David Wilson and he will provide you with the necessary documentation and Secured By Design Registration information (also available on the NBCC Website).

You will be required to upload your application and evidence onto the SBD website and then NABCP will allocate an assessor. The assessor will make a personal visit to your BCRP and validate the information you have provided.

The assessor will then send that information together with their recommendations to the NABCP Manager. The NABCP Standards Board will then assess the evidence and if satisfied pass your BCRP for national accreditation.

If your BCRP is required to do more to achieve a pass this will be set out in an improvement plan and once completed an assessor will re-assess and re-submit for approval.

      Associate Membership

Associate membership fees have been set at £800 and for this the organisation will get a brief description of their organisation and a Link to their website, their logo on our website and reduced rates for a stand an any NABCP Conference. If you know of any businesses that may be interested ask them to get in touch with me.


North East Retail Crime Conference – Thursday 25th October 2018 at the Durham Centre. Go to for more information.

 BID’s Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour Manifesto Launch

Wednesday 26th September 2018 2pm-3pm at Blackfriars Road London.

     Membership Fees

 Just a polite reminder that if you haven’t paid your NABCP membership for this year please do so urgently to keep your full membership status.

   Regional Chairs:

Regional chairs have a responsibility for keeping you informed on what is happening nationally and regionally sharing best practice and consulting with you. Where the region also shares intelligence then they will be responsible for data compliance.


Your regional contact is:

Maxine Fraser – RACS

Sarah Bird       - North East

Ronnie O’Keefe – North West

Sean Walker  - Yorkshire and Humberside

Julie Davies   - Partnerships Against Business Crime in the Midlands (also incorporating PABCIS)

Steve Lang  - South Midlands

Sophie Jordan  -  South East

Ian Tumulty -  Wales Against Business Crime

Paul Cox  - South West

Lisa Perretta    - Southern Region

Adam Ratcliffe   - East Region

 Gordon Brockie   - London Businesses Against Crime

 Hannah Wadey – Safer Business Network, London

   Keep in Touch.

 If you have an enquiry do not hesitate to contact NABCP on:

 Telephone 07861215271

 E Mail


Kylie Wroe