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PABCIS new home update

Moving to its new base in the Staffordshire Police Resolution Centre at Stoke on Trent City Centre has proved to be a very successful and productive move for both the businesses and police alike.  The Resolution Centre is responsible for processing incidents reported to police which, for a number of reasons, do not require an immediate police response, for example they may be incidents of theft where the offender is not at the scene and is detected after the event from CCTV review….    Having only moved into its current location a little while ago, the current collaborative working has led to PABCIS already being able to identify to police 67 un-named offenders for multiple offences committed against the business community in the North Staffordshire Region.  One of the individuals involved was responsible for no less than 11different offences at numerous locations with others committing up to 5 offences.  The collective partnership working led to all being linked and all being dealt with accordingly.

 Julie Davies, Manager of PABCIS said: “The local PABCIS BCRP Manager of the North Staffordshire Region was able to submit 67 witness statements identifying the offenders.PABCIS is a long standing partnership which is very proactive.The identification of such large numbers of un-named offenders has shown that local knowledge is a very valuable asset which local partnerships hold and which should be built upon and utilised by partners involved in tackling crime affecting business.”

Kylie Wroe