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Modern Slavery

It is estimated that there are 40.3 million people involved in Modern Slavery around the world in every country.

Whilst historically slavery involved literally owning other people (although this practise does still exist), Modern Slavery tends to be more about being exploited and completely controlled by someone else and not being able to leave.

Forms of Modern Slavery include forced labour, debt bondage, human trafficking, descent-based slavery, child slavery, and forced and early marriage.

Criminal exploitation is also a type of Modern Slavery. This refers to the exploitation of a person for the purpose of criminality and where victims are forced to perform a wide range of unlawful acts. This may include crime such as shoplifting, but there are many ways that criminals can exploit people.

The Modern Slavery Police Transformation Unit have produced a poster which could serve as a reminder for staff to help identify groups. The poster can be found here. Members of the National Association of Business Crime Partnerships can find some further information and guidance aimed at retailer on the Members Only page of this website.

Kylie Wroe