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Tackling retail crime at the click of a button

The North East Retail Crime Partnership have recently launched a new tool for tackling crime.

The SentrySIS software is a secure online platform that enables NERCP members to share real time crime information of retail crime incidents and offenders in a secure and effective way.

SentrySIS software launch NERCP

Sarah Bird, Head of the NERCP commented and said “This week the NERCP introduces members to a more up to date and relevant way of sharing crime information safely. 

Working in partnership with SentrySIS means we can not only bring improved intelligence and information sharing to our members, but it also gives us the ability to integrate more effectively with other crime prevention agencies and partners including the police and local authorities, bringing more value to crime prevention in the region.”

The system is already established and used by local Business Crime Reduction Partnerships in Leeds, York and Doncaster. This is the first time the system has been implemented throughout a wider region.

SentrySIS Director Chris Nriapia commented and said “We have been working hard to form a solid partnership with the NERCP and I’m pleased to say that this year we managed to do this. The NERCP and their network across the North East of England come with some fantastic experience and knowledge within this crime reduction sector, which only complements the SentrySIS software even further. Businesses from across the North East can now use the most innovative technology for crime reporting and intelligence sharing which will reduce crime within this area of the UK and ultimately, make the North East a safer place.”

The system has been trialled in Darlington town centre for over 18 months successfully with the lead of the Darlington Business Against Crime Chair Steven Hughes. Using the experience and information shared from members in Darlington, produces a solid foundation and confidence that SentrySIS has the potential to solve many crime issues in the region. Steven said “This system has revolutionised the way we share data, and report crimes to the Police.  All our members have instant access to our information at the touch of button. We are proud that it has been a success in Darlington and think it’s great that SentrySIS is now spreading its wings across the North East with NERCP backing”.

SentrySIS is also used by Durham Constabulary as a way for retailers to report crime directly to police, making the process of reporting crime much quicker, freeing up time for both stores and police. Sergeant Adam Norris commented and said “SentrySIS is a fantastic system that has allowed the partnership to move forward into the digital age. The time savings for retailers allows staff to get back to the shop floor at a far earlier stage to service the needs of customers, it has also enabled the police to use the time saved to deploy against the offender at a far earlier stage”.

If you would like any further information on the NERCP and SentrySIS, please contact the NERCP team on 0191 375 2750 or at

Kylie Wroe