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Businesses in Maidstone vote in favour of BID

Businesses in Maidstone recently voted in favour of developing a Business Improvement District (BID) for the town centre.  The businesses clearly identified crime and safety as key concerns and with this in mind a business plan has been developed to focus on these issues. The stratagems will be driven by the existing and successful crime reduction partnership, MaidSafe which is run by Benita Lee-Allder. 

Projects will include the provision of a daily uniformed presence in the town centre, including day times throughout the week and night shifts on Saturdays, who will warn and inform about the town’s public space protection order, foster a safe and welcoming environment for town centre users, and act as a roaming presence for the partnership. 

Additionally Maidsafe intend to explore options around extending associate membership to BID levy payers, thus further strengthening the exclusion scheme and  work with other agencies on the development of an emergency response plan for the town centre. 

With businesses so clearly expressing the need to concentrate on crime reduction  are optimistic that we can channel our energies into enhancing the service that MaidSafe provides, reinvigorate member to member communication and reinforce our relationship with local Police with a view to supporting them at a time when their resource is so severely stretched.

Kylie Wroe