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A police force has failed to record more than half of crimes involving knives

Sussex Police have admitted to failing to record more than half of crimes which involve knives.

There were 1,322 crime involving knives between 2016 and 2018 that were not recorded as such. In 2016 for instance, Sussex Police recorded 296 crimes which involved knives. However, the real number was in fact 665.

The force has blamed a 'semi-hidden' tick box which had been missed by officers when they inputted the crime information. This tick box must be selected in order to positively identify the crime involved a bladed article.

Deputy Chief Constable Jo Shiner shared this information during a meeting with Katy Bourne who is the police and crime commissioner for Sussex. The issue is being put right by the force.

Ms Shiner added that the number of crimes involving knives are still relatively low and that Sussex is still a safe place to live.

The recording of knife crime is being kept under the "very close scrunity" of Katy Bourne.

Kylie Wroe